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Marie Augustin

Marie Augustin

ASBAS programme manager and business advisor

Marie is a Small Business Advisor and a programme manager who is highly skilled in delivering one-on-one business consultations, workshops and online support. She is very knowledgeable in helping individuals who wish to start a new business with start-up advice. She helps small businesses project for the future by setting goals, manage staff, promote their business using social media and many other small business issues.

Marie is the author of Economic Opportunities for Indigenous Business People in the New England North West region, a thesis written in the last year of her Master, that provided an understanding of the community, aiding in assisting communication between cultures to help ensure the success of our region.

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  • marie@bec.com.au

Angelo Saavedra

Angelo Saavedra

Business advisor

Angelo is an Industrial engineer who holds a Master’s degree in Commerce. He has several years of experience in manufacturing and service sectors performing roles such as production planner and improvement engineer. He was involved in business process reengineering activities and process- improvements under an integrated Total Quality System. This included process design, monitoring performance, data analysis and supervising. Angelo is currently working as a Business Advisor at the Business Enterprise Centre and as a casual lecturer in Management Accounting and Cost Accounting at the University of New England. Besides his vast academic qualifications, Angelo is a small business owner.

Angelo started his entrepreneurial journey in 2010. He became a sole trader in Brisbane providing web design and web development services to small businesses and start-ups within the Brisbane area. The first two years were the toughest; there were other established businesses providing exactly the same services and they did it very well. Angelo started thinking outside the box and differentiated his service. He explored new technologies and finally after a year, developed a platform to build mobile apps for small businesses. His business grew and extended across the border to NSW. Angelo is keen on sharing his story and skills with other small businesses and so he joined the New England North West Business Enterprise Centre, providing advice and support to small businesses and start-ups.

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  • angelo@bec.com.au

Jane Leake

Jane Leake

Business advisor

Jane is the Small Business Advisor supporting clients in the New England North West region who brings a wealth of knowledge particularly to the rural sector of the community, having previously worked for NSW Agriculture in the area of farm finance and business management. Jane has a long history of working with regional businesses and a passion to support rural communities to remain strong and viable.

  • 0427 293 949

  • advisorguyra@bec.com.au

Terry Cowan

Business advisor

Terry Cowan has owned and operated five successful businesses in his career. He originates from a banking background and has held senior management roles in a law practice. Terry has extensive experience in all aspects of business operation and management. He has particular skills and experience in finance and accounting, frontline retail and hospitality, as well as start-ups and business purchases.

He also has extensive experience and knowledge in documenting policies and procedures, having implemented Australian Standards ISO9001 & LAW9000. Over time Terry has developed a substantial bank of knowledge in all areas of business, including marketing, sales, business planning, systemisation, HR, and e-commerce.

Terry has a very ‘hands-on’ approach and enjoys sitting down with his clients and getting involved in helping them make it happen. He has clients with whom he visits on a weekly or fortnightly basis to help drive improvement and guide his clients towards their business goals. “Helping my clients improve their businesses is a very satisfying part of my job”, Terry claims.

  • 0429 654 983

  • tamworth@bec.com.au